Frozen Endzone makes you Madden, funny arrows and all

Mode7, the makers of Frozen Synapse, just announced their newest game, called Frozen Endzone, which looks to apply the “simultaneous turn-based” mechanics of Frozen Synapse to the game of football. Though, of course, it’s in the future. So it’s future football.

I got a lot of great play time out of Frozen Synapse, which combined the strategic elements of the RTS genre with a less strenuous turn-based approach that forced you to consider your opponents possible movements, since both you and your opponent would make your moves at the same time. Football seems like a perfect fit since, well, that’s pretty much how football works anyway. Plus, it’s one more way Americans can lord our football over everyone else’s football (or fütbol, as it would be).

And from what I can tell, there don’t seem to be any ref’s either, so there won’t be any questionable holding calls to ruin your plays.

Check out their website, here.

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